Footwear greasing

In order to keep the issued footwear in good working order, my orders are the following:
The price of the materials that are necessary for the greasing is payable from youruniform maintenance issue. This material should be half salt free /acid free/ tallow and half salt free /acid free/ fish fat.
Before greasing; the footwear should be cleaned from dust and mud and lightly wetted. After the leather has dried the grease is applied by rubbing it on the surface multiple times. The greasing should be done at temperatures where the grease will not freeze. The greasing should be done at night time so the leather can suck in the applied grease, during the night. Frequent greasing is only necessary on the top and on the crease. The bootleg doesn’t need it and the heels need only a little.
The twice a week procedure should be ordered at times when the boots are already wet if possible.
Over greasing is not helping us reaching our target.
Before the first use the new footwear shall always be greased.
The warehouse inventory footwear should be maintained by following the instructions in the order # G-17. chapter 7 section c) This edict should be subscribed under the order # G-17. section 19. This submission has obtained statute under the 3940/H-1925 number this year on September 4th by the order of the Royal Hungarian Army’s mixed brigade headquarters.

1925-#27 Army gazette. ......................................October, 9th. 1925. Budapest