This infantryman boot replaced the1935 standard issue boot for the Royal Hungarian army in 1943 to 1948.
The upper is similar (Derby tailored) but the double ankle strap was exchanged for a separate linen ankle strap also with buckles. The underlie and sole technology is single hemmed with wooden nails. The sole has been made single or double wide and in the second case it has been screw tightened in addition to the wooden nails. Both the heel and the toe area are strengthened with metal plates and the sole is metal pegged. The reconstruction of this booth has been done with exactly the same materials, and the original plans and designs were painstakingly followed.

This is the original boot from the Museum of military history made in 1944 that I have used and also the original patterns were available from the military gazette’s 1944 edition footwear guide. The original patterns can be found under edict #29 in this edition. Some of the materials that are impossible to acquire today were substituted with the next best solution, given the circumstances.



The Kingdom of Hungary’s pattern number 43M. infantryman boots.
/A reconstruction/

The reconstructed boot is made of the following material: The upper part is a 2.5-3 mm thick cowhide that was plant based tanned and turned out and post greased. The components: / crust, kaplan etc / 2-2.5 mm thick plant based tanned bovine stomach wind. The sole and heel: 5.5mm thick vegetable tanned cattle rimleather

Base price:
/Single sole, nailed rim, wooden nail, eyelet and textile laces./

Sizes 39 to 43: $145
Sizes 44 to 47: $150

Chrome-free leather makes!
These boots are made and shipped without the necessary surface treatment. For best results they have to be tanned and greased before use.
With this treatment and the rubber heel and sole these boots are ready for everyday use.

The 43M. boot according to military standards
  burnished, greased.