................................1848-49 HUNGARIAN FREEDOM FIGHTER INFANTRY BOOTS
I could not find any original boots or any worthy descriptions from this period. This is why I had to create this reconstruction from art from this period and some army manuals from a later period and from military boots used and remained from the XIX century, taking into consideration the relevant albeit limited technologies and materials available at the time. These boots are made without the left and right distinction as was the norm in this period, also the toe area is pointier and longer than what we are used to nowadays.
The boot upper is made of naturally cowhide with a vegetable-based tanning. It is hand sewn. The boot upper was turned meat-side out and it was greased and colored after manufacture to achieve water resistance. The sole has been constructed with the wooden nails technology prevalent during this time, or it was sewn around the rim in the case of more expensive demand. The pleated leather heel was probably protected by a metal heel shoo and the sole by metal nails. Since some of the old technology and materials from this period are permanently gone, I had to use the most similar materials and tools that I could find today. These are, for example, the one legged shoehorn and the hand sewn upper.

1848-49 hungarian freedom fighter infantry boots
/A reconstruction/

The reconstructed boot is made of the following material: The upper part is a 2.5-3 mm thick cowhide that was plant based tanned and turned out and post greased. The components: / crust, kaplan etc / 2-2.5 mm thick plant based tanned bovine stomach wind. The sole and heel: 5.5mm thick vegetable tanned cattle rimleather

Base price:
/Single sole, nailed rim, wooden nail, eyelet and textile laces./

Sizes 39 to 43:
Sizes 44 to 47:

These boots are made and shipped without the necessary surface treatment. For best results they have to be tanned and greased before use.
With this treatment and the rubber heel and sole these boots are ready for everyday use.