IMPERIAL and ROLYAL (K.u.k) PATTERN NUMBER 12M. INFANTRYMAN BOOT. During the First World War, the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s Imperial and Royal (K.u.k.) Army used the 12M. infantryman boots, which had a relatively simple design compared to the military boots of the future. The boot was designed for the left and right feet. The technology used on the sole was single sewn line with a single line of wood nails. The heal was protected by iron horseshoe while the nose of the shoe was protected with a pointed iron piece, and where it was required the walking surface of the sole was protected by pegs. The materials used for the reconstruction of boots, as well as the boot’s structure, pattern, sewing lines, are identical to the original.


For the reconstruction, in addition to the original photographs I used the Royal Hungarian Army ‘s Clothing and Equipment Manual (1896) and the Royal Hungarian Army ‘s 1912/7 Bulletin.

The boots original size distribution (length / width):
I / 1; II / 2.3; III / 4,5,6; IV / 7,8,9; V / 10,11,12; VI / 13,14,15

The boot was represented by wide eyelet leather and compared to the boots of later times it had a higher shaft and shorter heel quarter. The shoe lace eyelets were pierced by the units  with the help of piercing pliers. At this time they also done the single line wood nails in the sole of the shoe.
Of course, some originally used material is no longer available and unobtainable, so these were replaced with highly similar currently available materials. The reconstructed boot is pursuant to European sizing and  with the use of shoehorns based on the original.


K.u.k, Austro-Hungarian Empire’s
/A reconstruction/

The reconstructed boot is made of the following material: The upper part is a 2.5-3 mm thick cowhide that was plant based tanned and turned out and post greased. The components: / crust, kaplan etc / 2-2.5 mm thick plant based tanned bovine stomach wind. The sole and heel: 5.5mm thick vegetable tanned cattle rimleather

Base price:
/Single sole, wooden nail, eyelet and textile laces./

Sizes 39 to 43:
Sizes 44 to 47:


Chrome-free leather makes!
These boots are made and shipped without the necessary surface treatment. For best results they have to be tanned and greased before use.
With this treatment and the rubber heel and sole these boots are ready for everyday use.
The Kingdom of Hungary’s pattern number 12M. infantryman boot, total iron military equipment.